Performance Dates

Friday 20th October 2017 - 7:30pm

Saturday 21st October 2017 - 2:30pm & 7:30pm

A Night of Comedy

Deck Chairs - Directed By: Lynne Andrews
Waiting for Chris - Directed By: Kim Parmee, assisted by Kerry Huggett

Woodchurch Players present three one act comedies for our one hundredth production!

Waiting for Chris

Written by: Simon Phelps
Directed by: Kim Parmée

Written by our very own Simon Phelps, who first appeared with the Players in ‘Rebecca’ . Simon also directed ‘Blue Suede Blues’, and his last appearance with the Players was in ‘A Matter of Life and Death’.

In his play Simon takes us back to the big money quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. We find Jimmy (Max Williams) waiting in his student flat, whilst his brother appears on the quiz show. With him is Stephanie (representing the television show) played by Jane Barton. Chaos and mayhem ensue whilst they are waiting for the ‘phone a friend’ moment. Appearing in various roles are Melody Lily Rose, Adrian Williams, Dylan Bryan, Dawn O’Bryan, Rowan Fenton and Jenny McGuckin. We also welcome newcomers to the Woodchurch stage, Jane Barton, Jacob Sparks, and Rosemarie Baxter.

Deck Chairs

Written by: Jean McConnell
Directed by: Lynne Andrews

Two short comedies set on a British seaside promenade.

Appearing in the two plays ‘Cupboard love’ and ‘Doggies’, are four very experienced amateur actresses. From Woodchurch, Linda Holmes and Val Smith, and from Tenterden, Angela Patrick and Gillian Davies.


In ‘Cupboard Love’ we meet Peggy (Val Smith) and Jane (Linda Holmes). The ladies meet as they gamely jog along the promenade. They have joined ‘Heavenly Bods’ a keep fit and exercise class. The problem is their love of cooking and good food. Why are they doing it? Like a beautifully slow cooked casserole the truth is revealed.


In ‘Doggies’ we meet Eleanor (Angela Patrick) and Thelma (Gillian Davies) walking their dogs along the promenade. San San is an aristocratic, highly strung pedigree, whilst Robbie is a bit of a mixture and definitely a ‘rough diamond’. The two dogs, beloved by their owners, but divided by class and pedigree, must be kept apart at all costs! Don’t miss the special appearance of San San and Robbie (they really are gorgeous).

Cast List

Waiting for Chris

Jimmy: Max Williams
Anna: Melody Lily Rose
Stephanie: Jane Barton
Gary: Adrian Williams
Phil: Dylan Bryan
David: Jacob Sparkes
Lambo: Dawn O’ Bryan
Bailiff 1: Rosemarie Baxter
Bailiff 2: Rowan Fenton
Bailiff 3: Jenny McGuckin


Eleanor: Angela Patrick
Thelma: Gillian Davis

Cupboard Love

Peggy: Val Smith
Jane: Linda Holmes